Team – 2014-2015

Joe Landry and Jonah Mitchell win the Judges' Award at Kennet High School. This season we had plenty of new freshman joining the team. We started out strong with 3 teams qualifying for the state championship in the first competition. We now have 11 teams with robots up and operational. Joe Landry has been constantly rebuilding his robot; in total he has gone through 7 designs. We have a new webmaster – Jack Culberson of Team 134B. Pembroke Academy hosted a robotics competition on December 06, 2014. Team 134C gave a demonstration of their robot at NHTI. For more information contact us here.

Team – 2013-2014

Team 7557For this past season we have opened our room to any team interested in using a field to practice, and as a place to build and improve. We have had the Three Rivers School, Pembroke’s middle school, as well as high school teams such as the Belmont Robotics team. For any area team interested, we meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30 to 4:00. For more information Contact us here.

David Kelly – 2011

Dave KellyDavid Kelly has been making High school students excited about science for over 30 years. Several years ago when robotics competitions began to be popular he started researching less expensive ways to participate in such activities. He discovered the VEX robotics systems which are smaller and more portable as well as being fairly inexpensive and started promoting competitions. His sabbatical year was spent expanding the number of schools using VEX robotics as well as hosting more competitions. His website is http://simplerobotics.org.

-More info about the Sabbatical can be found at www.nhcf.org.
-Helped start 42 new teams in NH, created 7 new competition sites, helped with creating an international scholarship program, and held 50 on-site informational and training sessions.